Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fat Tuesday: My Happy Weight

I don't know about you but with each change of season comes the chance for new beginnings. This usually means I take stock in where I am and where I want to be. This applies to all aspects of my life and without fail always includes my personal fitness.

In January I found the numbers on the scale creeping into what I consider an unacceptable range. I was feeling bad about how I looked, how my clothes fit and has an extreme disregard for most anything health related.

After a series of starts and stop I managed to climb on the exercise wagon with some regularity. Then came Relay season. With a to do list that never ended I found myself buried under an eternal pile of work and even sleep went by the wayside at times.

I've spent what little summer we had in a decompression mode. Fighting a mild depression and struggling to keep my joyful outlook on life. I'll spare the self analysis here but what my summer did not include was workouts or calorie counting. Instead there were bottles of wine, plates of nachos, and plenty of desserts.

Now as the leaves are starting to change and I once again consider if there is anything I want to change I come to the realization that I am at my happy weight. This number is not necessarily the fittest weight but rather a weight where I feel comfortable in my skin as well as in my clothes. A weight where raspberry creams are not off limits and I don't spend a day aching from those 5 extra push ups I had to finish.

And the funny thing about being at your happy weight is you start feeling good enough that you begin to make healthier choices.... or at least that's what I am finding. So who knows, maybe this fall I will move from my happy weight to perhaps a happier weight.

How do you define your happy weight?

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